Our Pricing

Pricing Structure

Clementi Associates always provides clients with a formal proposal and estimate prior to beginning a project. Each proposal will include the scope of work and costs, including estimated expenses. We do not bill on an hourly basis. When we prepare a proposal we may or may not mark up support vendor costs. If we do mark up their work it never exceeds 10% of their price to us and is included in the price part of your proposal.

Terms and Payment:

  • If you require purchase orders, then a P.O. will need to be issued in the amounts specified in the proposal to Clementi Associates prior to beginning work on any project. We always strive to stay compliant with the requirements of Purchasingand Accounts Payable.
  • Payment schedules are as follows: 50% as deposit of payment, 20% once a specified project milestone is approved and 30% upon completion-submission of project sub parts i.e. strategy, copy, design, photography...etc

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